How much Physical Activity is Right for my Child? 

The World Health Organization put out a report about the benefits of physical activity and amount needed by age. Of course the benefits are endless from mental health to better sleep and decision making.  Starting young will help your child stay healthy as they get older and more likely to keep up with activity. The recommendation is 60 minutes per day of moderate-to-vigorous intensity including 3 days of vigorous intensity including those that strengthen bones and muscles for those 5-18 years of age. Does that sound like a lot or a little to you? I have often heard my friends say how different our worlds were when we were children versus our children's world today with video game distractions and safety concerns. Of course there are sports classes to keep our children entertained although there are endless ways to get 60 mins of activity without leaving your home.  The latest activity in my home is chasing the puppy around our NYC apartment.  My son is often out of breath after 10 mins of this activity.  This weekend I discovered the benefits (and fun!) of hula hooping and I see a family contest in our future which might include jump rope. Hiking, running, shooting hoops, baseball catch and yoga are always a great option - no matter the age.  As an alternative, we often set up an obstacle course wherever we are and time one another to see who is fastest. Got 60 mins - Dance party anyone?